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CV/ETH signal on KUCOIN

WARNING: If you are seeing this signal outside of website, you may be victim of a SCAM. Contact if you have any questions about it.

FREE signal 200138, 80th today, at 02-Aug 17:32 UTC

Exchange: KUCOIN
Coin name: CV / ETHChart
Buy: 0.000000540.00000060
Current ask: 0.00000058
Target 1: 0.00000065 (12.07%)
Target 2: 0.00000072 (23.97%)
Target 3: 0.00000077 (32.24%)
Stop loss: 0.00000052 (10.29%)

IMPORTANT: The information in this signal is meant for educational purposes only. Please, do not consider it as financial advice. There is no guarantee about the signal information or any results you may get by trading with it.