Intralogic Trading Bots

Intralogic provides trading bots for BitBay, Binance and Forex, as well as automated pay systems. payment automation using PayPal and eBay. 

Intralogic uses automatic investment protection, making sure all BID offers are disabled in the event of a decrease in an exchange’s condition. With its automatic slots configuration, you can choose the best slots of other users as well as slot configurations generated by the Intralogic analyzer, which simulates the stock market investing on hundreds of parameter combinations on a regular basis by choosing the best configuration. It also has an optional cross-processing feature of transactions between various FIAT stock exchanges, operates with full StopLoss and TakeProfit, calculates real profit based on capital and has daily market updates and free user support.

With only one subscription, you can have both the Binance bot and the BitBay bot. Click the link below and try out the free demo!