About Us

Thanks for your interest in Crypto Quality Signals.

We provide qualified signals for trading on several Spot and Margin/Futures exchanges.

We’ve started as a Telegram group and quickly evolved to have multiple Telegram channels, a Discord server and this website as well.

Our signals are supported by trading bots and platforms including, in alphabetical order, 3c.exchange, 3commas, AnnyDeCrypto, Cornix, Le-Trader, Intralogic, Nefertiti, ProfitTradingApp, TrailingCrypto and Zignaly and also offer a variety of exclusive features to our Premium members.

Although we cannot guarantee any profit level, nor even that you are going to profit by using our signals, our daily reports have proven that our signals are profitable, as soon as you buy right after the signal is issued and you manage to sell at our recommended targets.

If you have any issues or questions using our services, don’t hesitate to contact us by email at support@cryptoqualitysignals.com, by Telegram on @cryptoqualitysignals or on our Discord server.

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