3Commas Trading Platform

3Commas is an amazing trading platform. It supports a large number of exchanges and allows trading bots to be used on several of them, including BINANCE, BYBIT, OKEX and HTX. A PRO subscription is required to run bots with multiple pairs.

Currently, 3Commas supports using bots with our world famous CQS SCALPING signals, our FREE BeastMode signals, our FREE and our PREMIUM swing trading signals.

To make it easier for you to trade using our signals on 3Commas, we have made one instructions videos that may help you get started. It’s important to say that the instructions videos aim to teach you the meaning of the settings and how to use them. They are not meant to be copied as your strategy and they are not financial advice in any ways. You should learn how to configure your bot and apply your own strategy to them.

Please, watch the video below. Use full-screen mode whenever possible.